Reviewing Facts About Insomnia

Do you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and full of energy? No? Well that could be an indication of insomnia or a sleep disorder. Insomnia comes in a few forms. Some insomniacs go to bed but can’t fall asleep. Others sleep for a brief time and then wake up and have a hard time going back to sleep, while still others may never reach REM (Rapid Eye Movement) essential to good sleep patterns.

Primary Insomnia

Primary insomnia is a condition that isn’t related to anything in the persons life. It doesn’t occur because of stress, worries, drug usage or any number of other sleep robbing conditions. It comes and goes in most cases. The average period of poor sleep is about 3 months. There is of course extreme cases that last much longer.

Secondary Insomnia

Secondary insomnia is generally brought about by another condition, be it stress, illness or chemical dependence. The actual chemicals themselves can sometimes have insomnia as one of the side effects. Any disorders can trigger secondary insomnia. Stress and worries may be so intense that they affect your sleep and even your subconscious. This may lead to being prone to insomnia. Pain, depression, and anxiety are frequent triggers to insomnia. Insomnia from the drugs taken for those conditions can also lead to insomnia.

Effects of Insomnia

If you are like the large majority of people, (insomnia is a common health problem), then you know how the lack of sleep can affect you. In most studies conducted, lack of sleep leads to lower concentration levels and irritability. Tired is not the way to operate effectively. A rested person has recharged their minds and bodies. A person needs to recharge to be effective, both physically and mentally.

Cure for Insomnia

With secondary insomnia, frequently if the person learns to deal with the underlying cause, then the insomnia disappears. To do that though, the person needs to know the root problem of the sleepless nights. Sometimes the subconscious mind has to be forced to deal with the underlying issue before it will release the person to the point where they can relax and sleep. Insomnia is a common problem with surviving family. Sometimes the person should seek health professionals to discover the cure for their insomnia. Especially if it goes on for long periods of time.

Where to go for Information

Facts about insomnia are numerous on the internet. Googling the word “insomnia” shows over 5.7 million occurrences. There are also numerous research papers or books on the subject. They discuss detailed accounts of the suffering that comes with sleep disorders. They also talk about treatments for the insomniac. If you are using the internet, make sure that it is a reputable site that you are using. Most are very good but a small percentage of them are of no use whatsoever to the reader. They are there solely to sell other products with advertising space on the website. If in doubt, talk to a doctor about any remedies you are considering.

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