Insomnia Cures: the Search Continues

Missing those precious moments of sleep?  Me too, and we are not the only ones.  Insomnia is a monster that lurks around shadows and jumps out to rattle our day.  The search to slay the monster is the search for InsomniaCures. 

Since the dawn of time people have suffered from Insomnia and have been looking for ways to defeat the monster and allow themselves to rest, recoup, and regenerate.  Not only regenerate their bodies and minds: but also their lives.  Living with a lack of sleep feels like being punished for something we have no control over.  Insomnia creates a life for its sufferers in which it seems like they are living out their days in a complete haze.  With people coming and going, and not remembering what you just talked about.  It’s like having your life pass you by in conversation.  Your life moves along as you stand still.  Dealing with everyday pressures without the energy sleep provides, is like fighting a battle that was lost before it even began.  Insomnia morphs your real life into your dream.  Every day starts to feel like you are living a real life dream.  It is as if your life has been turned upside down and inside out.  Insomnia changes your normal life to a bizarre world where everything is the same, but altogether different.  For those who are fighting the monster called Insomnia, this is all too real.  You are not alone my friend.

Going long periods of time without sufficient sleep causes many things to change in the way you go about your day.    At first this may seem odd and even frightening.  And it is, believe me.   Thus, always remember you are not alone in fighting the monster.  Insomnia interrupts so many people’s lives that you have to believe that suffering with Insomnia is normal as living without it. 

Living with the constant feeling of sleepwalking through life has made me feel like a stranger in my own body.  I feel like an Insomnia Zombie.  I think that term, Insomnia Zombie, nicely sums up the way I feel most days.  Walking around and trying to live your life the best that you can.  At the same time feeling as if the world is against you or that you are fighting an uphill battle that cannot be won.  It can be won and will be won! 

With the amount of people suffering from Insomnia, there is an equal amount of tired people searching for any InsomniaCures.  With today’s technology and most apparent, the Internet, finding solutions to problems has gotten easier.  When I first started lose sleep, it was only a few hours at a time that would disappear from my sleep repertoire.  Then those few hours I was losing turned into full night’s sleep lost.  I wasn’t just losing a couple of hours of sleep anymore; I in turn wasn’t sleeping at all.  Not to say I wasn’t tired, on the contrary, I was extremely exhausted and wanted sleep like an alcoholic wanting its bottle.  I became cranky and disillusioned.  I spent my entire day being tired beyond belief but could not do anything to remedy it.  I use to say to myself, ‘there has to help out there”, and I was right.  That is when I turned to the World Wide Web and found a community of fellow sufferers, and every member of this community was trying to kill the monster.  Knowing the Monster of Insomnia could be killed or at least wounded, made me feel better about my situation.  I am not alone and I do not have to suffer a lone, nor do I need to find a solution to this problem all by myself.  I have a community of people that share a common goal: slay the monster of Insomnia.

Give me my sleep, give me my life.  I truly believe those words.  Learning to live with Insomnia is not an answer for me, nor should it be for you.  I deserve to fall asleep when I so desire, and I have a right to.  It is my sleep, I deserve it, give it to me.  But as we all know, there is no communication with Insomnia, or even a chance to negotiate with it.  It is here, and it is a monster.  Trying to yell at Insomnia is like trying to yell at a wall.  It will not answer, nor will it even acknowledge you.  What you have to do is knock that wall down!   The wall can come down and the monster can be defeated.  All analogies aside, Insomnia hurts all of its sufferers, and we do not want to suffer any longer.  Suffering with Insomnia is a temporary way of living. 

There are many sufferers of Insomnia, and thus have brought a lot of people searching for Insomnia Cures.  Together we can defeat the monster of Insomnia.

Insomniacures are out there for us to have. 

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