Get Rid of Insomnia – A Great Insomnia Home Remedy Combination

Having trouble sleeping during the night? Can’t find a way to get to sleep and stay asleep no matter what you do? Well, then you need to try this insomnia home remedy combination. Not only can it help you to get rid of insomnia, but it may actually help prevent insomnia from returning in the future.

Part 1 of the Great Insomnia Home Remedy Combo

Get yourself some insomnia herbal tea and a few insomnia oils. Insomnia oils and teas can be made of the following herbs: chamomile, valerian, passionflower, and lavender. Choose your favorite insomnia herbal tea (recommended tea: chamomile) and then choose your favorite herbal oil (recommended oil: lavender).

45 minutes before going to bed, take a warm bath and add a few drops of the herbal oil to the water. Remain in the bath for about 10-15 minutes, then get out. Too long in a warm bath is not good for your body, so be sure to stick to the 10-15 minute time frame. Once out of the tub, dry off and get into your comfortable sleeping clothes.

Now that you’re slightly more relaxed and in comfortable clothing, it’s time to prepare the herbal tea for this insomnia home remedy. Prepare the herbal tea as you would any other tea, using hot water just before boiling point. Slowly drink this tea as you make your way towards the bed.

At this point, it will be time to grab that herbal oil yet again. Place a few few drops of the herbal oil onto a handkerchief or piece of cloth and then slide that under/into your pillow.

Part 2 of the Great Insomnia Home Remedy Combo

Before sliding into bed, you’re going to want to put in a sleep CD, otherwise known as sleep sound tracks. This CD/tape will run as you get into bed and try to go to sleep. The sounds from the track will make their way into your subconscious and actually begin lulling you to sleep instantly. The effects from the tape/cd are rather fast, meaning you won’t likely know it’s working until you wake up the next morning.

Why Does This Insomnia Home Remedy Combo Work?

Part 1 is all about getting your body relaxed and inducing sleepiness. Luckily, this is easily accomplished with the 15-minute bath you took, the herbal tea you drank, and the aroma from the handkerchief you placed inside/under your pillow. Doing all three of these things together will make you feel not only unbelievably relaxed, but tremendously sleepy as well.

Part 2 is all about getting your brain in the right mood for sleep. Although the steps in part 1 help with this, they can’t do it all on their own. This is where the sleep soundtracks come in, as the sounds & pulses from the track “massage” the brain and ensure that it is 100% comfortable and ready for sleep. Short of taking large doses of prescription sleeping pills, there is no better, nor safer way to get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

If you want to get rid of insomnia, then follow the 2 part insomnia home remedy combination above. You’ll thank me in the morning.

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