Day: November 5, 2009


Facts About Insomnia, Causes, Cures and Tips

What is Insomnia? The Insomnia sleep disorder, also known as Wakefulness or Dysomnia, is an inability to sleep, or disturbed sleep preventing you from getting a proper night’s rest. The main effect of insomnia is that you may feel constantly tired and irritable, with poor concentration and coordination. There are two main types of Insomnia: […]


Insomnia in Children and Women

While insomnia prevails among a notable proportion of adults, children too suffer from sleep disorders. Insomnia in children is characterized by signs of wakefulness or restlessness daily at night, irritability or heaviness on waking from sleep, mood swings, lack of concentration, and unusual difficulty with remembering. Causes of Insomnia in Children In children, the causes […]